Kid's Service Design Toolkit for Saving the Earth

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The Kid’s Service Design Toolkit for Saving the Earth is a product that helps children understand the design and environmental issues around them, as well as ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The kit encourages children to use creative and imaginative thinking to come up with new solutions to environmental problems. It also teaches them the practical process of developing new solutions. The goal is to instil environmental awareness and responsibility in these young service designers and encourage them to take action. The toolkit takes the children through different learning phases that prompt them to confront and deeply investigate the issue of carbon emissions. In the ‘Discover’ phase, the Carbon Footprint Game builds basic knowledge and helps children learn 30 daily habits that they can implement to reduce their carbon footprint. During the ‘Define’ phase, children are taught to draw customer journey maps and to compare and reflect on both human and planetary emotions. During the ‘Develop’ phase, players use the ‘How Might We’ (HMW) technique to think of better ideas and freely generate alternative solutions. Finally, in the ‘Deliver’ phase, the children learn to share their solutions in detail and use the Dot Voting system to vote for other players’ ideas. By exchanging ideas, children improve their cooperation and communication skills, progressing from empathy to concrete and practical action plans upon recognising real-world environmental issues in their lives. Additionally, by investigating the issue from a global perspective, the children are also participating in climate action for sustainable living. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Education

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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