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Beacon of Energy Efficiency

Fireplaces provide comfortable warmth and are popular above all because of the cosy atmosphere they create. However, wood-burning stoves are also criticised for their high level of fine particulate emissions, which is why more and more people are opting for low-emission system technology. KINGFIRE KANTO SC is an innovative stove system that consists of stove and chimney and is already placed in the designated place with a crane during the shell construction phase of a house. Throughout the development process, the focus was on creating an environmentally friendly stove with low energy consumption. Accordingly, this stove system integrates high-tech emission reduction measures such as a fine dust particle separator and a catalytic converter and thereby reduces carbon monoxide and fine particulate emissions by up to 90 per cent. The combustion air is elegantly supplied from the outside through the ABSOLUT supply and exhaust chimney, which is fitted directly onto the stove module to ensure safe operation with a domestic ventilation system. Moreover, an automated combustion control system increases efficiency and ease of use by helping to prevent operational errors. In addition, the material for the combustion chamber lining has been chosen to make the temperature in the combustion chamber rise rapidly already in the start-up phase, which leads more quickly to optimal and thus cleaner combustion and further increased energy efficiency. The jury liked the concept: “This stove solution brings a clear innovative boost to the not entirely unproblematic topic of ‘stoves’. The well-thought-out airflow ensures greater energy efficiency and thus reduces the negative impact on the environment. The KINGFIRE KANTO SC points the way in the right direction with its innovative design.” Another innovation is the sliding up firebox door. The sliding mechanism of the door is designed to ensure an absolutely tight air seal, thus enabling the stove to operate independently of the room air, which is essential, especially in new buildings with an almost completely sealed building envelope. The window solution across the corner provides a good view of the fire and opens up a variety of placement options in the living room when planning.

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