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Less, but Better!

This famous quote by the German industrial designer Dieter Rams is also Vorwerk’s product development credo. For a company with such a long history – Vorwerk was founded more than 140 years ago – it can be quite a challenge to unite innovation and brand consistency. A strong value set and a defined brand design language are two of the cornerstones that enable Vorwerk to continue launching successful new products. This is supported by the company’s vast knowledge base, built up over the years through customer and supplier feedback, as well as market monitoring and analysis. The team designing the Kobold VK7 cleaning system focused on the essentials – user friendliness, quality and optimum format. The product they created reflects consumer demand for fast and thorough home cleaning, as well as the desire to combine vacuum cleaning and mopping in one single, visually understated appliance. At the heart of the new series is the high-performance Kobold VK7 cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the Click & Clean concept, it has 19 cleaning functions for various room situations, floor coverings and levels of dirtiness. The 2-in-1 cleaning attachment for wet and dry contexts allows the cordless appliance to vacuum and mop in a single step, thus simplifying housework considerably. Offering maximum freedom of movement and a 180-degree rotating handle for easy cleaning of furniture and walls, this product’s sophisticated technology impressed the jurors: “The Kobold VK7 is easy to handle and has a timeless, sharp appearance. Both the materials and the workmanship are excellent, and the many convenience functions make this cleaning appliance extremely efficient.” Vorwerk has also remained true to its iconic design language by combining a white body with black elements, plus delicate “Vorwerk Green” highlights. The Kobold VK7 is elegant enough to fit seamlessly into any home environment, and compact enough for easy storage. Sustainability is part of Vorwerk’s DNA, and durability is one of the features to be found in every single product range.

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