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KOI Japanese Sake

KOI Japanese Sake | Red Dot Design Award

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This packaging design for Sake, called “KOI”, has chosen the most famous Japanese ornamental koi fish as a key visual. Its typical red pattern is printed directly onto the white bottle, which resembles the shape of a koi, using a Japanese brushstroke technique. By cutting the shape of the fish silhouette out of the box, the image of a koi is visually emphasised. The colour contrast in combination with the gold-hued accents creates a luxury impression and achieves a high degree of differentiation from competing products at the point of sale. The beauty of the design encourages reuse of the bottle as a decorative object.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Printing:
    Tatsuhiro Yamagishi, Yamaharu Glass Co. Ltd., Tokyo Shunsuke Kayama, Taiyo Printing Co. Ltd., Tokyo
  • Art Direction:
    Aya Codama, BULLET Inc.
  • Design:
    BULLET Inc., Tokyo
  • Project Management:
    Masayuki Habuki, Wakyo Shouten Co. Ltd., Tokyo Yosuke Tanaka, Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.
  • Typography:
    Kasetsu, Tokyo
  • Client:
    Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery Co. Ltd., Niigata
KOI Japanese Sake | Red Dot Design Award
KOI Japanese Sake | Red Dot Design Award