KONE TravelMaster Premium Kit

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Centre stage

Places for upscale shopping experiences must offer a perfect staging. They guide customers into exciting consumer worlds, where architecture and the presented brands form a strong bond. The KONE TravelMaster Premium Kit places the key function of escalators in retail scenarios centre stage. Against the background of increasing online shopping, the escalator is of great importance for keeping business running by enabling a steady “flow” of people between floors at shopping malls and department stores. The design kit for particularly prestigious buildings presents itself as an impressively consistent reinterpretation of the reliable TravelMaster escalator technology. Thanks to a sophisticated digital, multisensory concept, the escalator acts as a mediator between the various floors of a given environment. It features state-of-the-art technology with mutually complementing programmable, animated lighting elements and adaptive info screens. The individual components of the escalator are all made of durable and high-quality materials. Their design impresses with clear aesthetics and a timeless appearance. It attracts and pulls visitors in and intensifies the overall impression of the sales areas at a high level. Based on a coherent digital concept, this escalator enables a sensitive, fast and more enjoyable flow of people.

Statement by the Jury

This escalator impresses with graphically clear lines and a multimedia concept that engages the senses. This escalator thus embodies an impressive reinterpretation in terms of the key significance it takes in the shopping experience. It enhances the architecture as a magical point of attraction. Its design merges the reduction of form with contemporary intelligent technology in a perfect manner.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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