KulingConnect - Reimagine preboarding your new job.

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KulingConnect reimagines the often overlooked pre-boarding stage of the employee lifecycle. In today’s digital world, where job interviews are conducted via video calls and new employees engage with web-based e-learning tools, the period of time between accepting a job offer and starting the job is typically characterised by manual actions, limited information transfer, and anticipation. KulingConnect addresses these shortcomings by introducing users to their new company and colleagues before their official start, providing valuable information for their first day, and streamlining administrative processes. KulingConnect’s design embodies the core values of the new job: professionalism, progressiveness, education, entertainment, productivity, and sustainability. The visual aesthetic features a fresh colour gradient inspired by green energy generation and the refreshing ocean breeze. The app incorporates friendly rounded shapes and bold typography, creating an inviting atmosphere for users to immerse themselves in their new employer’s narrative. The app comes to life through innovative interactions. A prominent countdown timer builds anticipation as it ticks down the days to the user’s first day at the company. Engaging activities and new content are periodically unlocked within the app, minimising the wait time leading up to day one. Creative short videos introduce the user to their future colleagues, while a unique interactive video adventure allows them to explore their new work environment from a first-person perspective. Furthermore, KulingConnect digitises traditional onboarding formalities, enabling users to start working immediately upon arrival with their ID card and necessary equipment. KulingConnect stands out by placing the company’s new talent at the centre of its design. It not only prepares employees for their new roles, but it also fosters an emotional connection with their future team. Additionally, the app streamlines administrative processes for the HR department, particularly during peak hiring periods. KulingConnect transforms the way we embark on new jobs by bridging the gap between signing the contract and commencing work. It enhances the pre-boarding experience through helpful tasks, valuable information, and digitised workflows, creating a novel and immersive journey into a new job. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Service Design

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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