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KUUM is a colourful wood brick toy system. Inspired by the simple, reduced design of the bricks, the design of the website is also kept plain in style. The product itself features at the centre of the entire Internet presence, while the shapes and colouring of the wood bricks define the aesthetic appearance of the website, inviting visitors to discover and experience the world view of the product through lovingly crafted visualisations of KUUM’s individual system elements as well as the manifold design possibilities they offer. When designing the website, special emphasis was placed on reflecting the brightness, warmth and vivid colours of the wooden building blocks in the animations and on the colourful intermediate sites making these elements unfold in a special three-dimensional effect. The entire website is responsive and navigated exclusively via simple and self-explanatory scrolling and sliding.

Statement by the Jury

The website impresses with an excellent visual presentation. The Internet presence demonstrates in an impressive manner how a richly detailed and carefully executed design, in combination with a basic layout of purist appearance, is able to present a product or a brand to optimum effect. The designers have pondered and skilfully honed every single detail, no matter how minute – the result is highly convincing.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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