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A Holistic Experience

Today’s showrooms do not merely serve the purpose of presenting products – ideally, they also entice visitors into a brand world they can experience with all their senses. The LAK Concept Store is emotionally charged, holistically implemented and conceived to appeal to all the senses. Its designers were tasked with the challenge of presenting the material and spiritual properties of wood in an intuitive way, while forging a connection between those properties and the company’s brand values and products. The result is an exciting architectural concept: “The entire room radiates remarkable aesthetic appeal. Movable walls make it possible to constantly restructure the space, and a well-thought-out lighting design provides very subtle accentuation. Even the details make the connection between the natural material and the brand’s products tangible – texture and wood are perfectly paired,” said the jurors. To break away from the stereotyped architectural construction of showrooms, the design team combined philosophical wisdom and classical music compositions to engender a new “spatial symphony”. The intention of this multisensory approach was to showcase the company’s breakthroughs in an emotive way that allows visitors to embrace the exhibits with all their senses and feel the poetry of the natural material of wood. Flexible architecture also permits the regular reorganisation of space inside the LAK Concept Store. There are ten triangular islands displaying various types of European wooden flooring. At the centre of the room stands a rectangular table with drawers containing product samples and plenty of space on top for their presentation. At the touch of a button, the tabletop can be pulled apart and expanded for special presentations. One particularly beautiful feature involves the cylindrical elements integrated into each end of the table. Designed to look like tree trunks, they can be pulled out by curious visitors. Moving in to take a closer look, the dedication to detail is clearly evident in the LAK logo engraved onto the drawer handles. The exciting concept of using LAK’s own products as presentation surfaces and elements, so as to macroscopically put them in the spotlight, as well as the designers’ incredible spatial awareness, impressed the jurors on all counts.

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