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Even in our highly modern work environments, people often jot down notes on paper while using their smartphones with the other hand. Adapting to this phenomenon, the LAMY screen fascinates with its cleverly thought-out functionality. It houses an innovative dual-pivoting mechanism that comprises a standard ballpoint refill on one end and a silicone-tip stylus for use on capacitive surfaces on the other. A dual-mechanism on the inside serves to extend and retract the two tips on opposing ends. The device thus meaningfully merges the function of a ball pen and a stylus into one single writing tool. The LAMY screen features a compact housing with a shape that was designed to match the most common electronic devices on the market. It is made of anodised aluminium, which makes it durable and pleasing to the touch. In order to make handling the pen as convenient as possible, it features a ribbed section on the writing pen end to provide ergonomically supportive holding grip as well as a slightly protruded logo plate to prevent the pen from rolling on flat surfaces. Apart from that, the pen does without a clip for enhanced usability when used with smart phones and tablets. The LAMY screen rests safely and comfortably in the hand. This multifunction writing tool is available in four colours and fascinates time and again with both its aesthetic and strikingly logical functionality.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the LAMY screen reflects the spirit of our time. In a convincing manner, it lends itself as a mix between a traditional ball pen and a tool for touch screens. The clear and plain design emphasises only essential elements and fascinates users. There is nothing redundant or impractical about this stylus. It is highly functional and rests ergonomically well-balanced in the hand. It is an ideal companion for everyday office work.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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