Le Murmure

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In order to renew its brand image, the French creative studio Murmure based its remodelling on custom-designed typography and drafted the Murmure typeface. Together with Jérémy Landes, a prolific typographer within Studio Triple, a highly distinctive, editorial and elegant font has been developed and complemented by surprising stylistic variations, including a duplicated “M” and “N”. The result is a typeface in line with the studio’s image in that the Murmure font plays on an unusual, skilful mismatch between characters to generate a unique rhythm which carries the studio’s voice. Used for titles, the height and stability of the shapes lend them elegance, whilst details inspired by calligraphy and artistic technique reveal Murmure’s notions of experimentation, research and creativity. Without serifs, the font exudes effectiveness, legibility and uniqueness. Coming with many glyph variations and alternate letters drawn in an original way, the font offers infinite potential for exploration through a random function, in both digital and print media.

Statement by the Jury

Based entirely on a newly developed typeface, the brand image of the French creative studio Murmure is courageous in the truest sense. It breaks with the idea of reading friendliness and literally demands a close look. The playful, humorous and modern use of letter doubling and unusual ligatures is great fun, represents a surprising solution and, thus, successfully reflects the studio’s enormous creative potential.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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