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The remote control “leaf” has been specifically designed and manufactured to navigate modern TV user interfaces in the context of the home. As such, it is picked up and held in the hand frequently. With a design following the maxim of usability, “leaf” is a remote control with a fascinatingly new appearance. At first glance, it catches the eye particularly due to its exceptionally thin product architecture. Measuring only 2.97 mm, the remote control is well balanced in its centre of gravity. A form language that appeals to the emotions of the user is combined with a successful reduction to the essential operating elements. These present themselves in a clearly arranged and easy-to-understand way. The “leaf” remote control also introduces users to a future-oriented multimodality, supporting data transmission via infrared and Bluetooth Low Energy. With integrated voice recognition as well as key-based interaction, it allows exciting user experiences with the control of modern user interfaces. The appeal of this remote control is further enhanced by the use of high-quality aluminium and carbon materials, which ensure both durability and a pleasant feel. With its innovative, sensuous design and smart, sophisticated user interface it stirs up emotions of the user each and every day.

Statement by the Jury

The design of “leaf” combines the maxim of usability with subtle aesthetics. Skilfully reduced to the essential elements, the remote control is extremely thin and feels very light in the hand. The interface with voice recognition and an intuitive, key-based interaction mechanism is comfortable in its use. Its multimodality as well as the support of data transmission via infrared and Bluetooth Low Energy are highly visionary.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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