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Hybrid Bicycle

“Two souls dwell, alas! in my breast.” – this quote from Goethe’s “Faust” quite aptly describes the feeling that can creep up on consumers when they have to make a fundamental decision between buying a conventional bicycle or an e-bike. The LEMMO One was developed to relieve short-distance commuters and recreational riders of the burden of a decision between the two types of bikes by merging an e-bike and a normal bicycle into one product. “E+Bike” is the name of the concept behind this, which is intended to make switching between the two drives easy. It was realised by means of two key innovations: The first is the so-called Smartpac, a compact and slim detachable component containing the bike battery, the motor control and a GPS tracker. Without the Smartpac, the weight of the bike is reduced from around 18 kg to about 15 kg. The second innovation is a clutch on the 250-watt hub motor that can completely cancel out the pedalling resistance of the motor (“Dual Mode Hub”) by mechanically disconnecting it from the hub. Both innovations together mean that the E+Bike can actually be moved like a normal bicycle in manual mode with pure muscle power. The jury praised the concept: “Thanks to clever innovations, the LEMMO One fulfils its dual role absolutely convincingly and offers good riding characteristics in both configurations.” The jury, furthermore, liked the design implementation. In E-mode, the Smartpac sits coherently integrated in the frame triangle on the head tube and, thanks to its textile surface, looks like a stylish, slim bike bag. For cycling with muscle power, it can be quickly detached and simply pulled out. In addition, the bundling of most electronic components in the Smartpac and on the hub motor has the advantage that they can be easily maintained and replaced if necessary. Overall, the appearance of the bicycle is classic and very tidy. The cables and wires run mostly inside the frame, while the aluminium frame itself is glued instead of welded, resulting in harmonious transitions between the components. “As a hybrid bike, the LEMMO One offers a lot of flexibility and skilfully combines this with a high level of user-friendliness,” concluded the jury. “Moreover, it inspires with its elegant, reduced aesthetics.”

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