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For small children, the high chair is a guarantor for taking part in the adult world, because it allows sitting at the same height at the table. With its form and function, the LEMO Chair integrates seamlessly into family life. Developed to closely match the functional needs of families, it is highly adaptable in that it accompanies the child’s growth from birth to infancy and beyond. Based on a 4-in-1 concept, it embodies a reliable seating solution for many years. Thus, the LEMO Bouncer makes it suitable for newborns. A bit later, the LEMO Baby Set allows children from six months to about three years to sit comfortably and safely at the table. Finally, older children and even adults, too, can use this high chair as a comfortable seating solution thanks to an adjustable footrest. The LEMO Chair adapts to different body heights by means of its adjustable seat height and four different seat depths, with the comfortable one-hand adjustment feature allowing the choice of multiple depth and height positions of the seat. In this way, it promotes an ergonomic and safe seating position at any time not only for the growing child but later also for all other family members. By subtly reinterpreting the concept of high chairs, the design of the LEMO Chair has emerged as a friendly-looking piece of furniture with a mature form and functionality.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the LEMO Chair manages to achieve a perfect reduction to essential elements. Its purist simplicity and sophisticated functionality are captivating, with everything neatly fitting together. With its balanced design language and materiality, it projects an inviting atmosphere and is very safe in every situation. It simply grows with the child, as it can be adapted to changing needs in just a few simple steps. It saves space and fits seamlessly into domestic interiors.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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