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Lernwelt is a new interactive, convenient and progressive alternative to the traditional textbook. Using the highest didactic and pedagogical standards, Lernwelt ensures the same quality as a schoolbook commonly used in German schools while allowing for the establishment of a radically new educational standard. Lernwelt is built on a foundation that always generates interaction with the user by combining static and dynamic content. It enables an up-to-date, versatile and intuitive learning process based on intelligent algorithms that provide a highly personalised learning experience. For example, if the algorithm detects a lack of understanding about a topic, the platform responds with easier exercises and supplementary content. Equipped with the latest technologies, extensive testing processes and specific adaptation to each operating system, Lernwelt is the fastest digital educational medium in the entire school system. 

Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Interaction and User Experience

Red Dot

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