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While OLED televisions in general offer an extraordinarily high entertainment level thanks to the use of tiny organic light-emitting diodes for each individual pixel, the LG 65GX also features a special processor that ensures further enhanced image and sound quality. Using AI-based deep learning technology, the integrated quad-step noise reduction system and frequency-based sharpness enhancer allow all image content to be precisely analysed and preprocessed accordingly. The processor is able to recognise faces, objects and texts on the screen and fine-tune them for optimal representation. Furthermore, this television also impresses with the option of being mountable flush to the wall. With a construction depth of only 19.9 mm, it thus creates a feel of viewing a masterpiece in an art gallery. Different wall-mounted configurations are enabled through skinny brackets with a diameter of only 10 mm, complemented by a neat cable arrangement that offers increased convenience. However, the television can just as easily be placed on a piece of furniture. Minimising all peripheral visual elements, the design of the integrated linear stand made of extruded aluminium projects an elegant appearance. Aimed at completing given interiors, it directs the viewer focus directly to the clear high-resolution screen. The resulting visual unity of device and environment offers impressive new experiences in the field of OLED television technology.

Statement by the Jury

This OLED television fascinates with a concept that coherently integrates all the electronics into one very slim and even profile device. Avoiding visible cabling and fasteners, this TV can easily be mounted fully flush with the wall. It features clever functionality and convinces with a perfect realisation of all design details. Projecting an overall novel interpretation of purism, it thus enriches given interiors in many ways.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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