LG Bottom Freezer P-Iskra

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Sculpture for the senses

Since the emergence of the first models for private homes in the 1930s, fridges have undergone a remarkable development in terms of both their form and function. The LG Bottom Freezer P-Iskra impresses with a new approach to design that lends it a luxurious yet unobtrusive exterior appearance. This well-proportioned two-door fridge-freezer combination already starts to fascinate upon opening. The handle is almost invisibly hidden in the front facia; the door is opened with a soft movement. Since the handle features a colour and shape similar to the look of the stainless steel door with hairline finish, it creates the impression of one clear surface. The concept of the designers to make the facia give users the feeling of one large metal object was thus successfully realised. In addition, the handle is available in two types (N-type and T-type) to increase model variation and widen the variety of choice for users. This fridge-freezer combination boasts a sculptural appeal in any given space, with a carefully crafted surface that enhances its expressivity. The luxurious appearance is further underlined by mood lighting applied to the handle. Exuding a soft light, it not only enriches the ambiance but also ensures that the LG Bottom Freezer P-Iskra refrigerator is easier to see at night. The fridge-freezer thus represents something special at any time of the day – a commodity appliance gets a whole new meaning.

Statement by the Jury

A luxurious design appearance paired with sophisticated high tech. This fridge-freezer combination impressively delivers on the high-quality commitment it promises. It offers functional sophistication, an appealing kitchen aesthetic as well as plain ease of use. In addition, the combination of a smooth surface and innovative lighting creates a special experience by stimulating human’s senses.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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