Packaging Design

LG Feature Phone Packaging

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The multifunctional use of this packaging design not only protects the product but can be used for presentational purposes as well. To reuse it as a stand (or holder) for mobile phone, customers can simply fold the box by following easy instructions printed on the box itself. In addition, stores can use this presentational purpose as point of purchase material for displaying sample phones. The top of the box presents key features of the phone with the LG logo on the bottom. This allows the consumer to easily recognise the product. The packaging is also made of recycled paper printed with soy ink for eco-friendly purpose.

  • Client:
    LG Electronics Inc., Seoul
  • Design:
    LG Electronics Inc., Seoul
  • packaging design:
    Young-Seok Seo, Hansol Choi, Il Do, Byung-Jin Oh
  • technical direction:
    Jun-Seok Min