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The LG OLED Flex is a gaming TV, a hybrid of gaming monitor and TV, whose most striking feature is a screen that transforms into a curved display at the touch of a button. In addition, the height and tilt of the screen can be adjusted individually. This amazing variability is the result of a long development process that focused on improving the user experience for gamers. For this purpose, numerous gamers were interviewed, their usage behaviour analysed and ergonomic studies conducted. The monitor’s high flexibility is a response to the constantly changing body posture during longer gaming sessions. It allows users to define the optimal viewing position themselves and adjust the screen accordingly. Moreover, a key need among gamers for privacy while playing or streaming also crystallised from the survey. With the ability to curl the screen, the LG OLED Flex offers a comfortable and immersive experience that gives users the feeling of being able to watch content alone and shielded from the outside world. “This gaming TV is characterised by an exceptional quality of user experience – the wow effect here is in the interaction,” said the jury. “Above all, it is fascinating to experience how the display curves inwards with millimetre precision in a dynamic movement at the touch of a button.” The extremely minimalist front view of the ultra-slim screen is contrasted by a strikingly designed back that unmistakably borrows from classic gaming equipment. This includes, for example, the monitor’s exposed adjustment mechanism or the X-shaped RGB lighting, which adds an emotional, gaming-typical component to the device. “At first glance, the LG OLED Flex convinces with its extremely restrained design, which puts the OLED technology centre stage and defines the screen as a premium device. At second glance and in interaction, the TV reveals itself to be a gaming product that has been thought out down to the last detail and also offers a particularly immersive screen experience,” concluded the jury.

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