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LG Signature Kitchen Suite Pro Range

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New aesthetics

All appliances for use in premium restaurants must meet high standards to guarantee smooth processes. The concept behind the professional stove of the Signature Kitchen Suite series meets these requirements in an outstanding manner. Its design focuses on the attributes of performance and aesthetics, which is particularly underlined by the use of highly durable full-real material. The central element is the cooktop: a modular combination of gas burners, induction cooktop and a sous vide cooking system, which is available in 36” or 48” width. Thanks to this high variability, users are provided with a variety of cooking environments. The ergonomically designed handles and heavy control knobs are highly pleasant to the touch. In addition, high convenience is also provided by the intuitive-to-read LED display. The display showing the burner level is clearly visible even from afar, providing for cooking processes that are safe and under control at all times. The rings around the rotary knobs serve as individual timers for each burner, while the forward-tilting handle of the oven door is ergonomically comfortable, allowing for easy opening and closing of the door. Based on a sophisticated design concept, this cooking device has emerged with a highly user-oriented, fascinating aesthetic that turns cooking into a truly pleasant experience.

Statement by the Jury

The LG Signature Kitchen Suite Pro Range unites convenience, ergonomics and functionality in an impressive manner. With its modular concept it offers many possibilities. The clear electronic displays and the ergonomic user interface ensure constant control of all processes. This kitchen appliance fascinates with exclusive workmanship details, including an extraordinarily convenient handle paired with perfect lighting of the oven.

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