Lift A Life

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Lift A Life is a logistical aid that caters to transfer- and waiting-related challenges within rural hospitals. The product is lightweight, ergonomic, and functionally intuitive under stressful conditions. It is envisioned as a low-cost consumer product that bridges different workflows in a homogenous way to facilitate the pre-existing medical system. Lift A Life can be used as a single module, a combination of two, or a three-way interconnection, essentially combining a transfer board, a scoop stretcher, and a makeshift bed. The addition of modules allows the product to perform multiple functions within the same journey, thereby increasing the value of the product with each module. The scoop stretcher primarily eliminates the need for multiple intermediate transfers, and the makeshift bed provides crucial upgrade to an infrastructure that often lacks adequate patient beds. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Life Science

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