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Light Wave

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The design of the Light Wave packaging originated from the observation that fluorescent tubes are often just insufficiently covered in shops by corrugated paper. Thus, the aim was to follow a new approach and lend such packaging a more appealing aesthetic that would also translate into higher quality of the product protected inside. The result is a refined slipcover made of environmentally friendly cardboard and reminiscent in visual appearance to a piece of art. Based on a netlike, staggered structure, it can easily be adapted to hold fluorescent lamps of different lengths. The packaging provides a cushioning effect and thus efficiently protects the lamp from being damaged. The visual quality of Light Wave is further enhanced through the use of an appealing colour scheme and vivid colour gradients.

Statement by the Jury

Light Wave has emerged as a highly clever solution that radically questions the familiar principle of fluorescent lamp packaging. The concept is environmentally friendly as it reduces the amount of packaging material needed. Yet, the product is well protected on the inside thanks to a well thought-out structure. Moreover, the finely matched colour scheme of this packaging is fascinating as it further underlines the sense of refined elegance.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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