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The concept of Lilium Jet arose from a dream of a world where anyone could fly wherever and whenever they wanted. Lilium assessed more than 20 existing aircraft concepts, from multi-copters to tilt-rotor aircraft, to find a solution that could satisfy their requirements. Lilium plans to operate Lilium Jet as an app-based mobility solution that is affordable, environmentally friendly and available on-demand. The all-electric Lilium Jet is capable of transporting 5 passengers, and can cover 300km in just an hour on a single charge. It takes off and lands vertically, thanks to 36 tilting jet engines spread across 4 wings. Eventually, it will be capable of flying autonomously. Designed with simplicity in mind, Lilium Jet has no tail, rudder, gearboxes or oil circuits. It only has one moving part in each engine. With fewer components, the safer and more affordable an aircraft becomes. Its design was also influenced by biomimicry, with the streamlined shape and effortless elegance of the manta ray serving as key inspiration. Lilium Jet has a wingspan of around 11-metres, with 2 sets of wings providing a distinct look as well as increased lift and manoeuvrability. Its 36 engines sit directly on tilting flaps across the wings, allowing the aircraft to be controlled by thrust vectoring, a concept more commonly associated with jet propulsion. The revolutions per minute and angle of each set of engines can be changed within a 10th of a second, enabling smooth and precise trajectory. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility

Red Dot: Luminary

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