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Camping beds and foldable cots are indispensable items. Although easy to set up to provide a place to sleep, they are often disregarded as hardly more than a purely functional, inconvenient solution. The Lite Cot by Helinox, however, reinterprets such foldable cots as a bed that is both functional and highly comfortable. The design of this cot is based on the use of an innovative duralumin alloy, chosen for its specific properties, and its effective implementation. The aluminium frame construction meticulously incorporates all components to ensure a perfectly balanced strength-to-weight ratio. The elastic polyethylene fibre used for the lying surface is custom-made to make sure that it does not stretch over time. This makes it highly durable and keeps it in shape for long-lasting relaxing and sleeping comfort. Overall, the cot is very light, weighing only 1.24 kg, and foldable into an exceptionally small storage size, allowing it to be easily stowed even in a car. An additional, well thought-out design aspect of this cot is that it can also be set up using only three legs and yet be fully functional, when the weight of the user is below 80 kg. This allows users to save an extra 120 grams of weight for even lighter transportation. A coherent design approach has thus led to the emergence of a cot with enticing novel characteristics. Merging functionality with comfort, the cot is suitable for use almost anywhere including at home as a stylish guest bed of aesthetic appearance.

Statement by the Jury

The use of an innovative duralumin alloy has resulted in the emergence of the Lite Cot by Helinox as a highly functional product. Its design perfectly implements the positive properties of the material to ensure the best strength-to-weight ratio. The foldable cot is very light and offers the highest sleeping comfort. Since it is intuitively assembled and disassembled, it can be used in almost any setting, delivering versatile usability. It thus suggests itself as a companion that easily adapts to any situation at any time.

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