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Little Swan Beverly 7188 Series

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Sensitive intelligence

Washing laundry can still turn into an exciting adventure, even with the advent of modern washing machines. The washing programmes are versatile and some washing results hold true surprises in store. The design of the Little Swan Beverly 7188 Series washing machine is based on a new concept – the transparency of washing laundry. This top-loader features intelligent technology with sensors that can calculate and dispense the detergent according to the quantity of clothes for example. The inside sensors permanent-ly monitor the most important parameters such as weight of clothes in the drum, water level, the clean-liness of clothes and the temperature of the washing environment. This intelligent system begins monitoring as soon as the machine is started. The user experience also played a central role in designing the appliance. The logically structured user interface with clear display design not only leads users intuitively through all processes, it also convinces as it is easy to grasp and effortless to operate for elderly people as well. The door of the appliance opens and closes automatically at just one click for enhanced user convenience. Moreover, the sophisticated technology of the Little Swan Beverly 7188 Series washing machine can also be accessed via Wi-Fi technology and thus operated with a smartphone. The washing machine thus manages to become an integral part of everyday life.

Statement by the Jury

The Little Swan Beverly 7188 Series washing machine places interaction with the user centre-stage. It is easy to operate and constantly gives feedback. The appliance features a clearly structured, innovative user interface that also fascinates through the

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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