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Surprisingly Accessible

The LOCUST is a skid-steer loader with 40 years of tradition, which is highly versatile thanks to its extensive range of accessories, so that it can be used for a variety of work in the city, on construction sites or on the farm – from street cleaning and distributing cattle feed to transporting straw bales or tree trunks. The design of the new generation LOCUST skid-steer loader was developed based on the results of an innovation audit, with customer comfort and the technological processes of material cutting and bending in mind. In visual terms, this resulted in a more attractive, highly distinctive appearance for the vehicle. “Small-batch production techniques were put to good use here: Many elements of the exterior cladding were folded from sheet metal and impeccably welded to create truly refined shapes. In addition, the main structural elements of the vehicle are not manufactured and welded together in simple rectangular shapes but in angled surfaces, lending the design language a high quality value,” the jury said, highlighting the skilful use of materials. The development process also resulted in a completely new, extremely well-thought-out machine concept that incorporates numerous innovations. For example, the side masses are not only a characteristic design element, as they are reminiscent of the legs of a locust, which gives the machine its name, but they also integrate important, easily accessible service points of the commercial vehicle. Thanks to the combination of two doors, access to the engine compartment for maintenance work is also very generous. The cabin is easy to open thanks to a handle mounted on the upper end of the cabin platform. On the inside, it impresses above all with an improved visibility, but also with a clear arrangement of controls and components such as an infotainment system or a reversing camera. The jury concluded: “The LOCUST skid-steer loader impresses with its concise exterior design, great user-friendliness and a high degree of robustness, which contributes to the vehicle’s longevity.”

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