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Children playfully explore their environment to learn and understand the world and the things around them. Logiblocs builds on this natural curiosity and is based on the principle of variable electronic elements. Its goal is to make it easy for children to develop an understanding of electronics, coding and the logic behind our complex technological world. The design follows an easy-to-grasp didactic approach and manages to impress with its sophisticated simplicity. The game follows the familiar principle of expanding on block elements: each electronic element is colour-coded for the specific function it performs and ergonomically designed especially for small hands. Logiblocs thus lends itself as a tool for the development of logical thinking. It can be used to teach STEAM subjects to help children familiarise themselves and learn about science, technology, engineering, arts and maths. By plugging the elements together in different combinations, children can create circuits and virtually make their own computer program. This enables them to make numerous “inventions” with their own hands without having to use a computer screen. By simply adding a few extra blocks to their construction, children can also easily change their invention from an intruder alarm to a message recorder, for instance, or from a musical machine to a doodling robot.

Statement by the Jury

Logiblocs immediately captivates the attention of children with its colour and form. Also highly enticing in terms of touch, the design is based on the principle of variable electronic components, which are used almost everywhere in our technical world. Inspired by the way different elements are used there, Logiblocs allows constructing technical objects from various individual parts. This new, intriguing kind of game invites children to think, analyse and come up with creative solutions.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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