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Logitech G923

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Pure experience

Like many computer games, racing games since the 1980s too have seen an exciting history of refinements. The G923 racing simulator consists of a steering wheel and pedals with a design and technology that have been fundamentally re-engineered. Featuring the innovative TRUEFORCE feedback system, the simulator improves the physical aspect of game racing in an impressive manner. It delivers a new level of realism as it lets users physically “feel” the pistons pumping, the gears changing, as well as drifts and hairpin turns. Complete controls for Xbox, PlayStation and PC are built directly into the steering wheel. This makes every control command instantly accessible for users. The system showcases a classic, professional look that is based on materials such as brushed metal, as well as automotive-style leather stitching and polished pedals. The progressive brake pedal mimics the behaviour of a pressure-sensitive braking system and thus provides a realistic braking experience. The steering wheel’s built-in coloured LEDs indicate the engine’s rpm range in supported games, providing instant visibility as soon as it is in the red. The optionally available gear shifter comes in a matched stylish design language. Delivering a short-throw feel in a six-speed “H” pattern and a push-down reverse, the Driving Force Shifter further enhances the realistic driving experience of this racing simulator.

Statement by the Jury

With its design inspired by the world of motorsport, this racing wheel simulator with matching pedals truly captivates its users. The controls are built directly into the steering wheel. Ergonomically, the wheel rests perfectly in the hand and conveys a convincing driving experience also through the coloured LEDs for visualising the engine’s rpm range. The highly realistic driving simulations are accomplished using the innovative TRUEFORCE feedback system.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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