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Flexible Purism

The primary function of office luminaires is effective workplace illumination. “Designers have to understand that the main objective when developing this type of product is maximum invisibility,” said the jury. “The Luxo Adapt free-standing luminaires are a felicitous example of this: they have an exceptionally understated design for discreet integration into any office space, where they are perceived as part of the architecture rather than independent design objects. At the same time, every single element of these luminaires is well-thought-out, right down to the smallest detail,” added the jury, explaining the decision for the distinction. The Luxo Adapt designers aimed to create a family of luminaires that combined excellent versatility with maximum flexibility. They achieved it with their concept for a modular, free-standing luminaire that can be positioned anywhere in the office. The mainstay of the collection is a delicately sculpted pole with a streamlined control panel built into it. This pole can be fitted with one of seven different head options, each tailored to various office scenarios – from a single desk to clusters of several desks. Depending on the desk layout in the office, one single luminaire can provide efficient lighting for up to four desks. Luxo Adapt luminaires thus not only contribute to a visually calm office environment, they also reduce energy consumption. The sensors integrated into the luminaires also have a positive impact on energy efficiency. All settings are made via a sleek control interface with optimised layout, feel and sounds for a pleasant and intuitive user experience. The entire Luxo Adapt luminaire family is designed for sustainability. Minimalist, timeless design in conjunction with high-quality materials and workmanship maximise the lifespan of the luminaires. The modular design promotes resource-efficient production and a streamlined material approach is used so that the end-of-life product can be cleanly divided into separate parts for recycling.

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