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Fascinating system

Light that we perceive on an everyday basis actually has many dimensions. Interpreting a luminaire as a complex system, the design of Magellan embodies the coalescence of apparent opposites and thus creates something truly novel. This luminaire refers to architecture in terms of form and, at the same time, remains visible as an independent object. Foremost, the design intent was to create the potential for large volumes. Based on a coherent concept, Magellan represents itself as both a series of individual light sources and a cohesive, complimentary structure. The featuring low-voltage LED technology allows the core structure of the luminaire to be both a foundation and a starting point to realise new aesthetic and functional possibilities. Configuring the elements allows for different light outputs and specific applications. In a fascinating manner, the even aura of light holds the different sources together as one single entity. Indirect, reflective ambient light that both emits and allows light to pass through it creates an even flow of light all around the fixture. The concept is enhanced by sophisticated functionality. For example, the shades are covered with felt to provide good sound absorption, while the individual light sources can easily be removed from the core for maintenance and refurbishment.

Statement by the Jury

The Magellan luminaire fascinates with both the design-defining underlying principle of unity and diversity, as well as an innovative form that is complemented by a high degree of convenient functionality. A core structure serves as a platform for arranging several lampshades in a cluster for realising individual configurations, material options and lighting effects. This results in almost aura-like voluminous lighting.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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