Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Display

Magic Leap 2


New potential

Augmented reality devices enable exciting experiences by pushing the boundaries of human perception. “The core of our design ethos is the creation of products that amplify human potential through digital technology,” is how the designers define the Magic Leap 2. Designed from the user’s perspective, this augmented reality headset allows direct interaction with 3D digital content integrated into the physical world. As a small and lightweight headset, it promotes high versatility in application. The system consists of a head-mounted display that adapts comfortably to the wearer’s head, a wearable computing unit and a handheld controller. Integrated sensors and cameras on the headset map the physical environment while the innovative “segmented dimmer” feature improves visibility of content in direct light. The form factor and sleek design are inspired by eyewear, making it non-intimidating and familiar to use. This opens up new possibilities in the way people work in a variety of enterprise scenarios, including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, engineering, education and training. For example, the device enables training of any kind to be communicated from different locations, while CAD data and screens of any size can be easily shared.

Statement by the Jury

The Magic Leap 2 augmented reality headset impresses with its elegant appearance. It is light, comfortable to wear and ergonomically adapted to the wearer’s head. Inspired in its design by the form factor of glasses, it visualises professionalism and accessibility. In line with its innovative technology, it expands the possible uses for augmented reality applications in companies or in the field of training.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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