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Touching something in our environment is never a one-dimensional process. It is through the interplay of our senses that we learn, for example, if something is or feels pleasant. When designing Magic Mirror, the emotionalisation of experience was placed centre stage. This basin mixer impresses with an innovative concept of use. It features a perfectly integrated polished glass knob on the main body of its puristically designed cylinder. It looks very noble and invites users with its polished surface to simply touch it. The control knob is activated by gently pressing it, an action that gives users a visual feedback. Water flowing out with a pleasant temperature of 38 degrees Celsius provides immediate comfort. The current temperature is indicated on a display on the front of the control knob. The display is framed by a gentle circle of light, underscoring the emotionalising effect. Upon gently turning the control knob, users can immediately check on the change of temperature and fine-tune it according to needs. Thanks to the intuitive-to-grasp feedback, this basin mixer facilitates precise temperature settings. The notion of comfort has thus been redefined in this area, aesthetically enhancing the bathroom through the clear design and special appeal of Magic Mirror.

Statement by the Jury

With its gently curved, purist form and its sensitive operation, this basin mixer increases the well-being in the bathroom. It informs about the water temperature at any time, displaying any changes immediately. The intelligent, energy-efficient user guidance based on light signals makes Magic Mirror suitable for all ages. Clear and easy-to-grasp, the design is fascinating and groundbreaking.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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