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Make Annual 14

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Since Make was established in 2004, they have created an annual. It includes articles, interviews, project features and studio news. It is sent to 2,000 clients worldwide, and is available in the studio and online. Annual 14 celebrates Make being “a different kind of architecture practice”, with essays and project features exploring the “story behind the design”. The book’s design reflects this last point with a relatively raw, “unfinished” aesthetic. The uncoated paper provides a degree of transparency and perforated “French folds” reveal a secondary layer of content. The headline typeface creates a narrative, while the body copy typeface provides a complementary counterpoint. Reflecting sustainability, the cover paper is made from 5,165 recycled coffee cups.

  • Client:
    Make Architects, London, United Kingdom
  • Design:
    Make Architects, London, United Kingdom
  • Graphic Design:
    Tom Featherby Ben Hutchings
  • Photography:
    Martina Ferrera
  • Editorial Work:
    Emily Lauffer Sara Veale