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Compact aesthetics

In laboratories, many complex analyses often have to be carried out in parallel, requiring numerous different instruments. The innovative MALDImini-1 mass spectrometer has been designed for measuring large molecules such as proteins without damaging them, as well as analysing complex molecular structures. Thanks to its proprietary digital ion trap technology that does not require high voltage, the instrument is highly compact and yet offers high-level analytical capability. The system can be installed in places where large conventional instruments simply do not fit due to their size. Another advantage is that this instrument minimises the time between sample preparation and analysis, making it possible to quickly and efficiently perform repeated analyses on biological samples that require complicated analysis method settings. Therefore, the instrument can also contribute to the development of effective drugs using biotechnology techniques. Thanks to its sophisticated analytical capabilities, which are essential for the development of biomedical products, it allows mass spectrometry technology to be used in a wider range of fields. With its compact design, it allows a wide variety of setups, offers a high level of operating comfort and emotionalises users with its clear language of form as well as the high-quality machined surfaces.

Statement by the Jury

The MALDImini-1 mass spectrometer aestheticises the sector of laboratories with its clear and straightforward design language. Its innovative compact design opens up new possibilities for an advanced and more extensive use of mass spectrometry technology. It can be installed in almost any location and thanks to its advanced analytical capabilities offers a high level of efficiency and processing speed.

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