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MAP III | Red Dot Design Award

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Sprayers are used regularly in agriculture, where both the vehicles and drivers are often confronted with difficult work conditions. The MAP III is a self-propelled sprayer that merges a highly advanced functionality with a new aesthetic. It captivates users with its balanced proportions as well as a futuristic look. All components were designed according to the maxim of a new design language called “Dynamic Force”, which redefines the robustness and dynamism of the company’s entire product portfolio. The driver’s cab incorporates a key design element and was well integrated into the overall shape. Perfectly matched in ergonomics for the work area, it offers the user an excellent panoramic view. All user controls were integrated coherently into a multifunctional armrest console and are intuitive to operate. The MAP III boasts a huge capacity range from 2,900 to 4,100 litres. In addition, it features several design innovations such as modular solution tanks as well as walkable fuel and oil tanks. Featuring durable carbon fibre booms, this sprayer is a versatile, agile and fuel-efficient representative of its product group – a highly inspired design lends it a new identity.

Statement by the Jury

The MAP III sprayer has emerged with a fascinating new design language that extends coherently across all design elements. It captivates with user-oriented functionality and a futuristic appearance. Clear structures combine with balanced proportions and a perfectly matched colour concept. This spraying vehicle also impresses with outstanding engineering performance infused into its design.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    PLA, Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Design:
    BCK, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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