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Functional elegance

To be suitable for everyday use in offices, furniture has to be able to easily adapt to various environments and constantly changing work situations including meetings and different work groups. The chair from the Marca range corresponds to these diverse scenarios in a coherent manner in terms of both form and function. Showcasing a clear and visually focused look, it exudes a high sense of purism with distinctively elegant lines that project a professional and high-quality appearance. This impression is further underlined by balanced proportions and carefully crafted design details. Sophisticated functionality is at the heart of the chair’s design concept. An impressive reinterpretation of a folding chair, this chair can fold up in an easy and self-explanatory manner to a compact size. The flip-up seat provides for easy stacking and compact storage. In addition, the chair is light and easy to move from one room to another. Running smoothly and silently, the fitted casters make for easy layout changes. Supple and comfortable body support is provided by the shell’s mesh covering extending over the edge of the frame. The Marca chair is available in a wide range of colours. It can thus blend seamlessly into almost any office environment where it convinces with its high degree of practical functionality.

Statement by the Jury

The Marca chair, marked by a design of elegant purism, practically enriches the office work experience. It is well proportioned and has been well thought out in every detail. Extremely functional and featuring a simple folding mechanism, it can be easily stacked and stowed away. In addition, it is equipped with castors and thus easily adapts to any changes in the work environment. This contemporary looking chair offers users a high level of ergonomic comfort even when sitting for long.

Red Dot Design Award

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