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Martians is a standing lamp designed to be as thin and lightweight as possible. To make it adjustable and transformable, it incorporates edge-lit technology advantages— a transparent light guide panel is surrounded by LEDs on its perimeter, and the light guide has a microdots structure, which diffuses the light emitted by the LEDs. As such, it will fit a variety of interior applications and interacts harmoniously with furniture pieces and other interior elements. Swivel joints connect the lamp head with three stand bars that can slide up and down over the joints. The joints have two rotation axes, so it is possible to adjust the light in any direction and choose the height for the lamp head. This forms up a very thin tripod-like silhouette. The fixture can be manually transformed as desired with little effort—the joints and sliders are friction-based. Sliders can be moved into the slots made in pipe bars. Various configurations are possible—the floor lamp can stand on non-flat surface, or even places with steps and different floor levels. Its symmetrical design allows the lamp head to be repositioned upside down. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Illumination

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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