Massage Chair for Physical & Sound Therapy

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Traditionally, massage chairs on the market have always been made to look mechanical and unsuitable for home interiors. This series of massage chairs, however, are designed to blend in well with interiors, while still maintaining an ergonomic massage frame. Most people would not even realise that they were massage chairs unless they were told. Pressure distribution is calculated through sensors on the seat board, which analyse left-right weight distribution to straighten any pelvic twisting and posture to provide a more expert-quality massage. Users can also experience their massages from different angles through the electronically operated reclining function as they relax to healing music via 2.2-channel Bluetooth speakers, which are integrated with the chair’s shape for a surround-sound effect. Heightened sound effects are also available for entertainment activities like movie-watching and video games, with a convenient cradle included for devices. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Home Furniture

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