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McLaren 720S

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Beauty and functionality

All sports cars by British manufacturer McLaren epitomise the maxim of high innovative achievement, they are always the result of intensive development activities. The McLaren 720S embodies the underlying design philosophy of “Breathtaking products that tell the visual story of their function”. Its design is based on a pioneering construction made of carbon fibre. This allows the skeletal C-pillars to be glazed giving almost 360-degree visibility. The front end is marked by the brand-typical “eye sockets” that enable a vertical headlamp lens – a construction that increases the efficiency of light being emitted and guides air into the front coolers. This impressively sculptural sports car impresses with its body sides that separate high-energy air coming round the A-pillars, leading it down into the side radiators. At the same time, the vehicle also boasts an unusually clean form for a car with 720 PS. The muscular rear haunches further emphasise this sheer power, projecting perfect proportions with fully integrated active aerodynamics. The doors incorporate part of the roof and hinge upward and forward, allowing much better access even in tight parking situations. The lightweight driver-focused interior of the McLaren 720S fascinates with an actively moving driver display – also epitomising the notions of ergonomics and emotion.

Statement by the Jury

The McLaren 720S fascinates with its outstanding design language and the manner it responds to the road. Its design is marked by several innovative solutions that perfectly incorporate the brand philosophy. This sports car is the expression of a design that skilfully breaks with our perception to create something new. Each individual element has its specific significance, creating a spectacular overall impression.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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