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Media Violence

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The three-part poster series “Media Violence” accuses companies in the media industry of forsaking the ethics of journalism for their own financial benefits. The complaint reads that those companies would modify news in order to catch the eyes of viewers, for instance by interviewing victims with sharp questions to trigger dramatic responses or filling their columns with salacious details. Thus, the media as a public tool of society would not monitor the government and defend the rights of citizens anymore, but instead molest and follow the tracks of specific persons for creating biting issues. To illustrate the message of the media as making money machines and journalists as the originators of news apparently having declared war on the whole of society, the posters depict the cameras, microphones and pens they use as weapons. Arranged in a row and featured in a strong red against a blue background, the film camera is thus converted into a machine gun and the microphone head into a hand grenade, demonstrating power and forcefulness beyond any doubt.

Statement by the Jury

The visual idea of turning the tools of journalism, such as a camera, a microphone and a pen, into weapons is outstanding and has been impressively solved by this implementation in its use of strong colours and graphic wit while doing without words. The message that the media today tend to now and then abuse their power in order to profit, to generate quick attention or to generate many “likes”, is succinctly expressed in these poster illustrations.

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