Red Dot Design Award

Michelin Concept Vision

Michelin Concept Vision | Red Dot Design Award

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Vision is an organic tyre. The materials used, all bio-sourced and biodegradable, minimise the tyre’s environmental footprint. Vision is the world's first rechargeable tyre uses just the right amount of rubber with the aid of 3D printers. Its lifespan is extended, its tread design optimised according to mobility needs and its depth is reduced to downsize its thickness, which will make the tyre more material efficient. A triple concern for comfort, safety and sustainability are incorporated into the design. Vision is also an airless tire, thanks to its alveolar interior architecture, developed through advanced modelling. It bio-mimics nature by being solid in the middle and flexible on the outside. It does away with air and relies instead on an interior architecture capable of supporting the vehicle, ensuring the solidity of the wheel and thus guaranteeing both comfort and safety. Vision can neither explode nor blowout. Last but not least, Vision is a connected tyre, equipped with sensors to provide real-time information about its condition. What’s more, thanks to Michelin’s mobile application, it is possible to make an appointment to change the tyre’s characteristics, depending on the user’s destination and driving needs. Changing the tyre for a different usage—for example, due to snowy conditions—is very quickly carried out via 3D printing.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Michelin, France
  • Team Lead:
    Mostapha El Oulhani
  • Design:
    Margarita Dorato, Hélène Jaquet, José Merino, Olivier Muhlhoff, Masayoshi Nomura, Tomohiro Seii
Michelin Concept Vision | Red Dot Design Award
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