Micon LiTRIC Pack

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The Micon LiTRIC Pack is equipped with the advanced LiTRIC avalance airbag technology, whose name is derived from the words “light” and “electric”. The airbag system integrated in the backpack weighs only 1,100 grams and is designed to keep skiers on the surface of the sliding snow in case of an avalanche, increasing their chances of survival. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the system leaves room for additional equipment in the backpack, while a mechanical clasp protects against accidental opening. It only takes 25 minutes to be full recharged via a USB-C port and can be used several times.

Statement by the Jury

Equipped with a particularly light and compact avalanche airbag system, the comfortable and robust Micon LiTRIC Pack ensures more safety for off-piste skiing.

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