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Competition among dairy products in Russia is fierce. That is why a blue cat was developed for the Milgrad brand of the Bryansk dairy to highlight the products on the shelf with something really new and cute to win the hearts of consumers. The cat roams over the packaging of the various dairy products, peering expectantly from around the corner, toying with a string or simply staring curiously at the consumer. The illustration starts on one side of the packaging and continues on the next side so that the viewer can interact with it directly on the supermarket shelf. At the same time, several packs can be joined together to show the complete cat gliding across the packaging. In this redesign, the familiar and frequently used colour coding was retained: white for milk, green for kefir and light brown for buttermilk. The background is kept in minimalist white, while a different font colour sets the foodstuffs apart. The furry ambassador appears on every product and has managed to win the hearts of people and media channels far beyond the country’s borders in a very short time.

Statement by the Jury

The packaging design for Milgrad is absolutely outstanding and exceptional. The concept of showing a kitten in different poses and having it run around all sides of the packaging is clever and very well executed. The simple yet eye-catching design immediately fascinates the consumer, inviting them to look at the entire packaging from all sides. The possibility to play with this design on the shelf and thus build up different scenarios is equally ingenious.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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