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Flush transitions

From a constructional point of view, the transitions from floor coverings to other room elements are difficult areas. However, they define to a great extent the aesthetics of the interior and architectural appearance, because finishes and transitions not only need to look as clean as possible, they also need to be easy to clean. Against this background, the design of the minileiste (mini skirting) offers a solution that is both simple and efficient. The well-thought-out functional concept makes the profile of the skirting board hardly visible within a room, creating a uniform spatial impression. Based on an innovative, patent-pending clip system, the end profile can be installed quickly, easily and without tools in both expansion and connection joints. Installable as an end or transition profile, the minileiste enables creating a discreet finish from the floor to the wall or almost flush transitions between different surfaces and other architectural elements. This is particularly the case where connection and expansion joints must be maintained with regard to structural engineering aspects. The minileiste is designed for use independent of the flooring structure and is installed after the wall has been painted and the floor has been laid. Featuring high-quality materials, it contributes to a discreet, almost flush-look design vocabulary that ensures a high-quality elegant appearance. The entire minileiste product range is available for different floor thicknesses.

Statement by the Jury

With its ability to create flush transitions as both end and transition profile, the minileiste skirting board incorporates a convincing innovation. Well-thought-through in its functionality, the principle of a simple clip system impresses with its perfect implementation. The minileiste is thus very easy to install and imparts a captivatingly high aesthetic appeal. This delivers fascinating new possibilities for creating flush designs in interiors.

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