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Minima NG

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Moving minimalism

Shower enclosures are a key element in bathroom interior design for the purpose of both spatial structuring and adding an aesthetic highlight. Minima NG is a shower enclosure with a visually clear appearance and architectural appeal. With its minimalist design idiom, the enclosure blends well into almost any bathroom, complementing it with fascinating sleek lines that lend it a high degree of elegance. The opening and closing movement of the enclosure door is particularly convenient – delivering an almost aesthetic experience. Particular design attention has been paid to the operation and sensual feel of the door movements both in the model with hinged doors and in the model with sliding doors. The very soft, self-closing action was designed to be as visually unobtrusive as possible. The Minima NG concept comprises a series of formal and functionally well-matched components for bathroom interior design. Both models share a clear and plain appearance, structural robustness and long-lasting mechanical performance and durability. Featuring a purist design idiom as well as functional-ity based on sophisticated precision engineering, Minima NG embodies luxurious elegance for the bathroom, redefining it as an individual space for personal hygiene – stepping into the shower turns into a unique refreshing experience every day.

Statement by the Jury

The outstanding design achievement of this shower enclosure shows in the perfect integration of all individual elements. Its high material and formal quality merges with carefully and sophisticatedly honed details. The way the door reacts to being tipped or moved is highly fascinating. The Minima NG shower enclosure delivers excellent comfort to users. A supposed commodity design item thus gives proof of being able to deliver novel quality.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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