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Mira Prism

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New worlds

Augmented Reality (AR) devices are used to create new experiences that challenge the senses. The Mira Prism AR headset fascinates with an innovative approach towards discovering and sharing AR content and experiences with others. At first glance, the portable system impresses with its minimalist, self-contained design language. Powered using only a smartphone, it is highly functional and easy to use. Users can simply open the Mira app on their smartphone and insert their device into the headset using the specially designed canopy system. Paired with the magnetically attached clear-lens system that reflects the display of the smartphone, the Mira Prism thus provides users with an ultra-portable and comfortable-to-wear device for immersive AR experiences. Another innovation is that the device does not block the user’s entire field of view. It allows them to interact easily in a game while still being able to see the real world around them. The design of the headset itself is divided into two parts: the grey ergonomic adjustment system, which perfectly adapts to the user; and the black frame that connects the smartphone to the reflecting lenses, defining the experience. These two elements combine to form a headset of sleek appearance that allows users to dive into the world of augmented reality, defining a new ease of access to AR content.

Statement by the Jury

The innovative Mira Prism augmented reality headset provides a way to experience AR content in a highly uncomplicated manner, as it can be used easily via a smartphone and an app. Reduced to the essentials, its minimalist form is fascinating. In addition, it is also very ergonomic and comfortable to use, as it can adjust to fit perfectly, featuring a material that is pleasant to the touch for optimal wearing comfort.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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