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Sanding walls and ceilings is hard work, tedious and time-consuming. The necessary tools are heavy and often need to be held in uncomfortable work positions for a long time. The Mirka LEROS wall and ceiling sander has been designed especially for such work. Its design follows the objective of delivering a high user-friendliness through optimised ergonomics. Very light in weight, the device impresses with its balanced stylistic idiom. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, it can easily be held without applying pressure, which significantly reduces muscle fatigue in the arms. Being equipped with a 180-degree flexible sanding head also helps the user reach surfaces from a better angle. And since the sander head does without brushes, it requires a significantly lower pressure to be exerted during sanding work, making the work more effortless. In addition, the sophisticated construction of the sanding head and backing pad also makes it possible to work very close to corners and edges. This helps the operator save time as there is no need to finish the work with a smaller sanding tool. Based on an innovative design, the wall and ceiling sander Mirka LEROS thus facilitates more ergonomic working postures – allowing users faster results while putting less strain on their bodies.

Statement by the Jury

The design of this wall and ceiling sander has been perfectly adapted for this type of difficult work. The Mirka LEROS impresses with a clear and contemporary design, in which every detail has been honed to deliver optimised functionality and ergonomics. Its low weight and flexible 180-degree sanding head make work much easier and effortless.

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