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Mission E AR

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The AR app for Porsche’s future sportscar “Mission E” brings the concept study closer to enthusiasts even if there is no physical vehicle around. As the user moves around the car, different animations are played for viewing from an optimal angle, illustrating e.g. a moving spoiler or rolling tires. To explore the interior, users can simply walk into the car. A combination of a 2D user interface, as well as a spatial ring menu offers several ways of engagement, including an Explore Mode to discover hidden features via X-Ray view and a Drive Mode in which the user can explore the car in a playful way.

  • Client:
    Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Design: consulting gmbh, Vienna, Austria
  • Creative Direction:
    Deniz Örs
  • Design Team:
    Ilker Cirakoglu Alexander Kvasnicka
  • Production: consulting gmbh