Mobius Loop

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The Vision Hall at Hyundai Motor Group’s Mabuk Campus is a symbolic space for presenting employees with the company’s values, providing them with a sense of pride and allowing them to share its dreams. The films aim to simply inspire – allowing leaders, engineers, scientists, workers and designers to learn, re-think and collaborate in new ways. Building upon an artistic ethos of “maximum innovation”, the films mix a myriad of animation styles and live action. With abstract visualisations, a huge target group is engaged while themes such as nature and technology, as well as man’s relationship with them, feature heavily. The artwork composition shows various themes exploring the areas of the company’s activities in hyper-real vision and audio – from steel creation and architecture to future technologies as well as the design and production of cars. The Mobius Loop, symbolising the infinite cycle of resource circulation, serves to connect all these activities of the Group into an organic whole. Statement by the jury »The way the Vision Hall integrates the employees into an interactive process is outstanding. This work does not only boast visually strong elements, the dynamics of which viewers can hardly resist, but also has the effect of making the employees feel more connected to the network and strengthened as individuals at the same time.«

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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