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Modul wooden building set is made of birch and consists of 27 pieces. Each set includes five different types of blocks, four of which are painted in a specific colour and one with a natural finish. The blocks with rectangular holes are what distinguishes the entire set; they function like a lock and allow you to not only stack one block on top of another, but also join them, allowing you to use your imagination to build fascinating structures. It encourages natural curiosity to explore and discover new ways to connect blocks. The parts with holes can be assembled at a 45-degree angle, held together by other parts, and still form a lock. The blocks with a loop can also be suspended to build a structure from the top down. The shapes of the blocks are as simple as possible, which allows for a variety of play options and more freedom during the game for both adults and children. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Play

Red Dot

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