Red Dot Design Award
Public Art Installation

Moment Capsule

Moment Capsule | Red Dot Design Award

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The “Moment Capsule” is an art installation made of stacked transparent boxes that store time capsules. Arranged in a spiral and according to a distinctive angle, the boxes have their own coordinates, which allows people to remember where they placed them. The concept is based on the assumption that memories begin to change, transform and distort from the very moment they are remembered. The exhibition explores the difference between privatised memories of an individual and reality. Thus, this work of art is completed by par-ticipants filling the boxes with their memories as time goes by.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Busan Air Cruise, Busan, South Korea
  • Design:
    EMOTIONplanning, Busan, South Korea
  • Design Team:
    Hyoseob Choi Busan Air Cruise Heewon Kim EMOTIONplanning
Moment Capsule | Red Dot Design Award